Vojtěch Sajdl

Student, Programmer/Team Leader - Maxon Design s.r.o.

I am 25 years old and study FEL ČVUT - Open Informatics. Althouth my favourite hobby are computers, webdesign, programming and everything around that, I like other things like photography, bodybuilding, biking and hiking and last but not least playing the guitar. I also used to help organise summer camps as instructor (Tábor pod Sovím vrchem Mařenice).

My successes include first place at national round of Cisco NetRiders competition - category CCENT and second place at Secondary Scholar Activity - "Making a social network".

At high school I participated in an internship at Crown Worldwide in London, where my responsibilities included laptop and thin client repairs, installing oparating systems and remote support. I did my high school practice time at SURA s.r.o where I did computer and printer repair and operating system installations.

At the time I work as Programmer/Team leader for Maxon Design, where I lead the team working on Golden Egg project, that is working as Wordpress template a plugin. We are building on your standard LAMP stack, but also using Bitbucket where I also configured CI and various scripts. We also work on other projects that are built on the Nette Framework.

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