Vojtěch Sajdl

Student, Freelance programmer

I am 25 years old and I study Open Informatics at the CTU FEE. I have years of experience starting with smaller project I made for me and my friends at high school and I even took the second place at Secondary Scholar Activity - "Making a social network". Even this website is being run by a system I made in high school. A lot has changed since then and I began to work on bigger, paid projects.

While studying, I worked at Maxon Design s.r.o. for cca. 4 and a half years, where my main responsibility was the development of Golden Egg - a website builder for Wordpress. I worked on the whole stack, including frontend, backend and I even introduced CI. I also lead the development and design if Golden Egg successor - the OnePageOne project. The project was based on Gutenberg and React, but was prematurely terminated because of the lack of finances. After that I maintained legacy Nette eshops and lead the internal design and development of 123triko project - built on WP and Woocommerce. The eshop sells over 400 different prints on around 20 different textiles and allows you to choose from up to 40 colors. All of this is being dynamically generated.

My experience doesn't end there. During my studies I made an open source project Server status, which is now maintained by its amazing community. For my bachelors thesis I made an experimental AR web app for mobile devices and now for my masters thesis I am developing a system for documentation management using GIT.

Last but not least I play a big role in the development of the Finex.cz portal, based on Wordpress. My work includes but is not limited to the design of the chart system technical solution, coding the template and the cryptocurrency exchange implementation.

I am not looking for any work right now.

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